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The Mothership F1 7 Feminized Seeds


Inkognyto Genetics The Mothership F1 7 Feminized Photoperiod Seeds

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Inkognyto Genetics’ The Mothership is a feminized F1 cross of Ohio Deathstar and Chemdog D/98 Bubba Kush!

Inkognyto Genetics takes you on a celestial journey with The Mothership, a potent F1 feminized hybrid born from the union of legendary lineages. Prepare for a sensory supernova that explodes with flavor, aroma, and effects.

Unleash the Visual Spectacle: The Mothership’s medium-to-tall plants erupt in a kaleidoscope of green and purple hues during flowering. Dense, frost-laden colas resembling meteor showers adorn the branches, promising a bountiful harvest within 63+ days.

Aromatic Adventure Awaits: Brace yourself for a pungent perfume unlike any other. Ohio Deathstar’s earthy funk collides with Chemdog’s fuel-soaked swagger, creating a complex bouquet that’s both sweet and savory. Hints of spice and citrus dance on the periphery, promising a truly cosmic sensory experience.

Cultivating Cosmic Abundance: With above-average yields and a moderate flowering time, The Mothership rewards growers with generous returns. Its sturdy branching and resinous buds ensure success even for less seasoned cultivators.

Ready to embark on a journey beyond the clouds? Inkognyto Genetics’ The Mothership is calling. Experience the electrifying convergence of these legendary genetics and cultivate your own interstellar paradise.

7 Feminized Photoperiod Seeds per pack!


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