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Technical Cultivators Genetics’ is a small business located in Las Vegas Nevada, that was founded in 2020. Their reputation for having the dankest sweetest orange genetics, The Alani Skunk, has been growing fairly quickly since their first drop in the summer of 2021. The Alani Skunk is a bag seed pheno of L’Orange that was found in 2017. This is a very rare unique genetic that is amazing to smoke, taste and grow! She is a sweet orange skunky dank that is very potent. After cloning and keeping the amazing pheno for a few years, TCG Seeds creator decided it was time to breed using the Alani Skunk to make some seriously insane orange centered crosses. The results have been astounding! All the genetics they use are from pheno hunted seeds, lucky bag seed keepers that are truly outstanding or breeder’s cuts that were gifted. His bar for good weed has been set very high throughout the years so only the tastiest, strongest genetics are used to make his crosses. Trust me, get your hands on the new Alani Skunk line from TCG Seeds, it’s orange, potent and fire!

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