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Magic Strains was created in 2014 out of his love for cannabis and the creation of new things. Hobby breeder located in Denver Colorado. The goal at Magic Strains is to provide the world with crosses and genetics you can’t find in any other catalog. One of a kind organically produced seeds. Magic breeds autoflowers, photoperiod, and auto-photo hybrids also known as FV (Fast Version) strains. He believes in variety and quality! Magic does not keep clones of plants nor do I collect and store pollen on the regular basis. 90% of all crosses made are live pollinations which Magic believes adds a different more “Live” element to his strains. On the rare occasion, Magic does keep a clone or store pollen its because the plant was unlike any other he’s seen. All Strains are tested by Magic hand-selected test team and only the ones with the best feedback are moved forward.

Projects are created for the hobbyist like my self and all packs are limited in numbers, collectors make your donations while supplies last!

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