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Smooth Criminal REGS (Alaskan Thunder Fuck  x Mob Boss x Katsu Bubba Kush x 90’s Hashplant) 10 Regular Seeds


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Smooth Criminal is the first photoperiod released by Magic! It Started in 2016 with Twisty Seeds ATF x Mob Boss being taken to F3 and made it his own and named it “Nitti” concluding a 2 year Project. During the F2 run of Nitti a male was used to pollinate an ACE seeds Bubba Hash which is a Katsu Bubba x 90s Hashplant. Offspring from that cross was taken forward to F3 over 2 years of work. The goal was to create a strain that reminds growers of the “Golden Day” flavor of cannabis in the 90s, But with modern-day potency.
“You’ve been hit by, You Been Struck By…”
Smooth Criminal is easily one of the strongest plants, all-around ever created by Magic strains from growth to finished product. Expect hardy plants that can take a good feeding in flower and loves to be trained or grown naturally. Great for beginners but Exceptional for those who have their grows dialed in.
There are two main phenotypes Magic calls The “Hash Boss” pheno and “Snowfall” pheno
The “Hash Boss” pheno can finish at about 8 weeks on average. Thick leaves and very even internodal spacing. It has a strong old school hash smell, buds are dense, and will need to be supported her final weeks. Trichomes are abundant and perfect for making hash or other extracts. The high is nice and peaceful leaving you stoned but not couch-locked clear-headed with no foggy feeling. Great for social events.
The “Snowfall” pheno takes about 9-10 weeks to finish and has a lemon-lime flavor. Buds are a little less dense than the hash boss pheno but it makes up for the loss in weight with trichome coverage. It is absolutely crazy buds will stick to your fingers, just a pre-warning it will difficult to break down buds for blunts or joints. The high is more intense in the mind than body, too much can give you the racing feeling like the effect of a Sativa strain. Good for watching movies or doing something creative.
Magic is proud for this to be the first release in a vast photo period market. The goal of doing this photoperiod strain is to bring something unique to growers gardens they can feel good about keeping around for multiple generations. Smooth Criminal doesn’t like to be topped, better results grow natural or scrog!
Sex: Regular
Flowering  Type: Photoperiod F3
Genetics:  Alaskan Thunder Fuck  x Mob Boss x Katsu Bubba Kush x 90’s Hashplant
Genotype: Indica Sativa Hybrid
Flowering Time: 60 – 70 Days
Yield: 4+ ounces per 5 gal medium
*On  as “Bam Bam”


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