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Blue Star Seed Co (aka Josh Blue) started growing around 1994 when his brother collected bag seeds from “kind bud” sourced from the Grateful Dead shows at Deer Creek. At the 95′ dead show Josh procured his first batch of blueberry flowers and fell in love. Blue has been growing and learning more about the cannabis plant from then on. Around 2015 Josh had the opportunity to meet DJ Short, Josh’s idol and role model in the field. Since then Josh has developed a relationship based around our love for the plant. Josh works together on bringing back classic Dj short strains and new standouts from his heirloom work. Josh considers Dj a mentor, ambassador for the plant, but most of all a great friend, and an amazingly kind, thoughtful, enlightened human being.

Blue Star Seed Co’s vision for breeding is to bring great classic effects, flavors, and aromas, of cannabis from heirloom strains like Dj’s flo and blueberry, and combine them with new hybrids that enhance total cannabinoid and aromatic qualities.

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