Tonygreen's Tortured Beans

TGTB is a leading pioneer in the cannabis industry, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of cannabis genetics and linebreeding. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, our team of experts combines cutting-edge scientific techniques with traditional breeding methods to develop extraordinary cannabis varieties. Our mission is to provide cultivators and enthusiasts with the tools and resources to cultivate exceptional cannabis experiences.

Tonygreen’s Tortured Beans started in 2013 as a partnership between Tony and Dansbuds. Our common goal was to create supreme hybrids by inbreeding top notch genetics to lock in desired traits before outcrossing widely to create true F1’s. We spent two years solely working on inbreeding Glue and Sour Bubble before our work was first publicly released to great acclaim around the world. Since then the inbreeding continued and ultimately our work was proven by numerous outcrosses with spectacular results. The complete development thread of Gorilla Bubble can be found at Icmag as well as documentation from around the world, indoor and out.

After 6 years of development Gorilla Bubble has become the backbone of the Tortured Beans lineup. Sadly we lost Dan to cancer in 2018. Now Tortured Beans continues on to honor Dans memory and legacy of sharing knowledge and top notch genetics.

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