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Seattle Chronic Seeds was formed to bring Terpene-rich, full-spectrum cannabinoid seeds/cultivars to the masses. SCS’ specific approach to Cannabis is for medicinal uses. SCS tries to create unique terpene profiles and cannabinoid-rich plants that accommodate all types of conditions.

Using Organic KNF aka Korean Natural Farming techniques, all of the plants SCS uses have undergone rigorous amounts of testing prior to breeding. All cultivars are stress-tested and put through the wringer to ensure they can withstand a variety of common issues that most growers face. After growing out each cultivar in numerous amounts, SCS can record and log all information to better each strain that passes their standards. Lab testing helps record and log the levels of cannabinoids and terpenes available in the cultivar.

SCS background has led him to grow Cannabis through all mediums and has helped me to achieve a better way of life through the plant. This led him to dedicate his life to the plant and search for the highest grade cultivars he can find and breed. This gives him a better understanding of what works and has given him the drive to assist others with a better quality of life through Cannabis. Thank you for taking the time to grow SCS seeds!

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