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In 2009, FullDuplex started working with ruderalis genetics to develop a true day-neutral variety of cannabis, accentuating the ability to flower virtually under any light schedule.  Dedication and time have produced a variety of cannabis that is resilient to light schedule changes, harsh watering conditions, and environmental fluctuation. This dedication creates high-yielding plants that will produce under harsh environmental situations and peace of mind that no intersex expressions exist.

Gnome Automatics’ Cares About the Details

Gnome Automatics’ goal is to provide the same quality genetics to the home grower that a commercial grower is looking to gain from several crop rotations per season. We strive to provide cultivars that are user-friendly, easy to grow, and provide symptom relief from certain ailments. Giving the grower the flexibility to grow some medication they may need while vegging some of their other favorite photoperiod cultivars.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

 All released cultivars are worked in an IBL (inbred line) fashion for desired trait stabilization and expression. Most lines have homozygous expressions with few rogue phenotypes.

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