White Forest Seeds

Growing up on his grandfather’s property as a kid, White Forest Seeds had multiple gardens serving as dinner and side dishes from summer to early winter. White Forest Seeds developed an appreciation for growing in the garden and what it could provide us.

White Forest Seeds’ experience in herb growing, dating back almost three decades, started with outdoor guerilla grows. Like everybody else, White Forest Seeds wanted to provide our own herbs and not be at the mercy of whatever our local market could give us. For the love of growing and the plant itself, our outdoor grows eventually moved indoors to grow more and phenotype hunt in a more controlled area.

The name White Forest is what we nicknamed our frosty forest grow among friends; around that time, we started to pollinate and make crosses based on plants and seeds we had collected at that point and have done so since. I decided on White Forest Seeds to be the name I would build on over the years while sharing photos on the forums and Instagram.

Our seed-making and collections have always been private, grown just by us, our friends, and the few we have given them to. After almost 30 years of growing, 16 years of breeding, and taking a first-place indica and a first-place hybrid cup home in 2018, we sold our first seeds in 2022 and hope to continue this journey and grow our small business.

You can see more of White Forest Seeds’ work here: https://www.instagram.com/whiteforestseeds/

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