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Assed Out F1 (Chemdog D x Ice Cream Cake) 6 Feminized Seeds


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White Forest Seeds’ “Assed Out” is an F1 feminized cross of  Chemdog D and Ice Cream Cake!

White Forest Seeds chose their selected Ice Cream Cake #5 cut for this feminized seed project after looking through over six packs of Ice Cream Cake females from the original Seed Junky offering from 2017.

Ice Cream Cake #5 smells of the flowers from this cut ranging from a mix of Pizzelle’s, old-fashioned doughnuts, and exotic pastries. The taste mixes all the smells but with a fuel, limey-tasting background mixed in. On inhale, the smoke is very heavy and sweet- lung-expanding smoke that goes straight to the frontal cortex and behind the eyes with smashing power. Some may have to lay the head down for a minute or two after a good pull to recover; this cut is very potent. It grows in a sturdy bush tree structure with supportive branches and good node spacing. No hermaphrodite tendency seems to be present in this pollen-donor plant after years of growing it.

This cross is a perfect mix of these two plants, with Chem D slightly edging dominants over the Ice cream cake in phenotypes. Phenotypes will range from full-on Chem family profiles with the Chem funk to solid Ice Cream Cake leaning phenos also in the mix, and GMO cut type phenotypes also show up in this mix and that putrid smell the Chem D can have in its crosses.

Both of these plants are on pair with the potency of each other, so little is lost in this cross, so expect a lot of really potent phenotypes to be found.

Smells and tastes range from diesel, fuel, Skunk, Lime, lemon, pine, funk, sweet, berry, doughy, and desserts.

Flowering 60-75 days from the start of flowering.

Photo/Grow Credit: @shanesaw420

6+ Feminized Photoperiod Seeds per pack! 


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