Deep Ellum Seed Company

The Deep Ellum Seed Company is an award-winning souvenir seed organization founded in 1999. Located in Denver, Colorado and Deep Ellum specialize in legacy strains, fringe varietals, and boutique hybrids.

In 2008, Deep Ellum won a Top 10 Strain of the Year award from High Times for their strain: The Black.

All Deep Ellum seeds are the result of hand-pollinated small batch runs that are produced in a living peat-based soil-less medium.

Deep Ellum only feeds their seed crops NPK’s two-part RAW formula and supplement with ReCharge, molasses, Maxicrop, MammothP, and Diatomite.

Deep Ellum Seed Company brand souvenir seeds are collectible gifts that are offered for novelty keepsake purposes only. Always follow your local laws.

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