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Mosca Seeds is known for producing only the highest quality cannabis seeds that originate from some of the most best US genetics. Mosca Negra, the Breeder, is particularly known for preserving strains such as Cinderella 99-BX, Old Time Moonshine, and creating Tsi Fly, Ripple, Blue Iguana, and Raspberry Boogie.

The Mosca Seeds Team has been producing the highest quality strains for over 10 years and has been awarded multiple cannabis cups. During this time, Mosca Seeds has earned the respect of cannabis enthusiasts from around the world. Grower reviews worldwide have praised the “Excellent quality” of Mosca’s genetics.


Mark your calendars for the epic release of @moscaseeds‘ New Strain Collection, dropping on March 15th, 2024! 

Get VIP access and save 5% on Mosca Seeds’ New Strain Collection during the exclusive pre-sale!

Use code “MOSCA” at checkout and enjoy 5% off and FREE shipping on all pre-orders placed between March 8th and 14th.

Don’t miss this chance to snag these limited-edition genetics at a discount and get them delivered straight to your door for free!

PLUS, for every pack you grab, you’ll receive three feminized seeds of Smash F1 (White Runtz x Runtz De Frutas)!
PLUS PLUS, when customers buy three packs of the New Releases (Pink LemonAid S1, Sello, Alpha Zero, Sexyy, Tapastry, Underworld, Jelly Cat, Tay, Loop Hole, Lane 8), they will receive a FREE pack (six Feminized Seeds) of Orange Tree Runtz or Topsy Turvy in addition to the Smash freebies listed above!
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