Romulan Genetics

Romulan Genetics started in 2017 with a single mission in mind; to bring our beloved family grown strain, Romulan, back to the growers and cultivators who sought her. That mission stemmed from conversations held with well respected cannabis farmers, who told us that Romulan was always a strain they wish that they could get back one day, but they feared she had been lost to time. And those conversations were all started when word was spread that our founder, Jake, was growing a cut of original Romulan. While the mission that Romulan Genetics sought out to achieve was fairly quickly realized, it was evident that there was more we could do on our end instead of just giving clones of our cut away in the hopes that it would spread out eventually. So the mission evolved into hunting for a Romulan male from our old seed stock, that was worthy of breeding with and creating regular seeds. That has been our main focus and goal here.. to bring Romulan back.

​Semper Fidelis.

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