Skunk God DNA

Skunk God DNA breeds “Supreme Medicinal Genetics” with effects that serve a purpose.

A DC native, Skunk God breeds Medicinal Craft Cannabis as well as some wild and exotic crosses for home growers and commercial growers alike. He popped his first beans back in 1992 and began collecting bag seed from that point on. Back then, seeds could not be purchased so Skunk God became a “bag seed bandit.” If you laid your bag down, he would fleece your bag for seeds as soon as he got the chance! He took time off of growing to perfect his craft by learning about living soil and natural & organic farming techniques. He got back into growing so he could produce oil to help heal his Grandmother of cataracts and glaucoma. Since then, he has been growing clean meds and he takes great pride in the cleanliness and purity of his product. The Natural growing techniques he developed ensure that his products are chemical-free. Farming, biology, and botany run on both sides of Skunk God’s family, so these sciences come naturally to him.

Skunk God is big on natural farming, so he uses no chemicals and grows everything in living soil. His plants have never tasted a chemical and are fed pure, recycled organic matter ONLY and given only rainwater to drink. He uses no chemical enhancers and can grow huge buds without the addition of salts.

Skunk God DNA understands that nature is Law and he follows that rule. Grow Natural, Grow Green, or Grow Home…

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