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Family Jewelz F1 (Apple Diamond x Poppy Skunk) 10 Regular Seeds


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Skunk God’s Family Jewelz is an F1 cross of Apple Diamond (GG4 x Sour Apple IBL) and his Poppy Skunk (Grand Daddy Purp x Skunk#1) male.

Apple Diamond was killer meds that Skunk God will be doing a preservation project on in the future that Skunk God got some years ago from Alien Genetics. She grew medium height similar to his X Mass plant with pine cone frosty spears. The nose you get is coffee, chocolate and cookies. Any patient to ever toke this lady always asked the same question. “What did you say that was called again??” She was good meds.

Poppy Skunk is his personal favorite plant in the world and she gets ran every summer outdoor. Grows well indoors or out. She is a soaring Sativa, that a girlfriend coined “Coffee Weed”. Do you have a treadmill or exercise machine that your wife has been begging you to put together for a year now and you just can’t muster up the motivation? Take a toke of this beauty and crack the box of the treadmill and the rest is history! Poppy Skunk makes you want to get up and do something! Amazing for helping you focus and complete a task. Poppy Skunk is rigorous and grows tall and lanky. Top her to create tops for larger yields. Give her healthy veg and she will reward you. Poppy Skunk flowers are amazingly outdoor. She grows indoors or out but when Skunk God first put her outdoor, running her outside every summer became a must! Outdoor Skunk God observed way more expressions. She was a blessing to the air. The smell combinations were simply breathtakingly amazing! In A breeze you would get a whiff’s from perfume to floral, Grape, skunk and more… She purples when the temps drop for a gorgeous bouquet of lavender, dark purple and some beautify go dual green and dark purple. Therefore Skunk God run her into the 1st or 2nd week of November. The Grand Daddy Purple would get finicky at times and grew airy spindly buds under hps but grew nugs under led’s. GDP was an uplifting toke with a sweat-grape nose. The Skunk made her a little more stable and took away her finicky aspects. The skunk male changed every female’s life for the better in one way or another. Great daytime or anytime smoke but smoking late night he keep you up watching tv for a little while longer than usual. She makes me cough profusely.

This cannabis strain is also useful in alleviating aches and pains.

9 Week Flower Time

10 Regular Seeds per pack! 


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