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Dip’s White Skunk F1 (White Widow x Original Skunk) 10 Regular Seeds


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Skunk God’s Dip’s White Skunk is an F1 cross of White Widow and Original Skunk male.

Starts out as an uplifting Sativa but overindulging leads to a more Indica experience with a nice mellow feel. Reminds Skunk God of his Purple Kush except the Purple Kush would prevent you from completing something like homework but White Skunk will leave you fried if you manage to hit that threshold. Skunk God enjoys it as gummy before a road trip because she keeps you up and alert with flowing creative thoughts. The perfect traveling companion for coming up with ideas while traveling and thinking, if you are anything like me. It’s also a great conversation piece or just mellow out in deep mind-provoking thoughts taping into an ocean of ideas and creativeness. She will grow tall trees literally outdoor with a bush at the top but remain manageable indoor. She is a huge yielder and grows like a Sativa.

A 30-gallon pot outdoor will give you a pound or better without any training or assistance just top and let her go, so crafty growers can really make her yield! She has an Old School taste and smells and burns with a sweet nose. The bigger your pot the bigger she will grow. She’s effortless to grow. The White Widow mother was his first White Widow cut that Skunk God got from Canada. She had huge mossy rock-hard buds. She was the second keeper killer go-to meds Skunk God held early on when a patient needed a good ride or just some healing. She was a good yielder, vigorous with frosty white mossy huge rock hard. Skunk God later ran some skunk beans in hopes of finding a female but only got 2 males from the beans that lived. One male died but the other was a nice Green vigorous stud. Early on Skunk God thought all males were vigorous and/or at least more vigorous than females because every male Skunk God found was beautiful, vigorous and Skunk God would think that they were female throughout veg. They were always super healthy and had lots of vigor, but turned out to be male. Skunk God culled a few early on but stopped quickly and started using these males. This Original Skunk #1 male changed the life of every female that he touched and they made beautiful music together.

9 Week Flower Time

10 Regular Seeds per pack! 


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