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Copper Haze F1 (Copper Chem x Neville’s Skunk) 10 Regular Seeds

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Skunk God’s Copper Haze is an F1 cross of Copper Chem (Stardawg x Chem 4) and his Neville’s Skunk (Neville Haze x Afghan Skunk) male!

Expect tall stretchy Fiery Buds of good meds.  Took a Tall, Sexy Copper Chem female

Took Copper Chem and hit her with Hazeman’s Neville’s Skunk F4 Stud for a cross that aims to please both on the nose and in effects.   This is a must-have in your arsenal.

Copper Chem cannabis seeds deliver the pinnacle of Chemdawg genetics, combining the popular Chem 4 and Stardawg varieties to form a Sativa-dominant hybrid that embodies all of the best qualities of the Dawg. It is valuable to both casual growers and serious breeders looking for a Chemdawg strain in seed form.

Copper Chem has become famous for its massive yield, spectacular flavor and aroma, and unrivaled potency. Growers can enjoy all of these benefits from a single seed because every phenotype of Copper Chem reflects both the Chem 4 and Stardawg genetics’s superb characteristics. Copper Chem is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors and in either soil or hydroponic media. It is also resistant to mold and many types of pests, which makes it a suitable choice for any grower.

Origin of Copper Chem

In 1991, in Deer Creek, Indiana, a young grower called Chemdog attended a Grateful Dead concert where he bought an ounce of an exceptional strain called “Dog Bud.” Chemdog purchased the ounce from two friends, P-Bud and Joe Brand, who received the weed from growers in Crested Butte, Colorado.

Chemdog fell in love with the Dog Bud and soon asked Joe to send him a package with a few additional ounces. As fate would have it, Chemdog found 13 bag seeds in the Dog Bud and soon used them to produce some of the most sought-after cannabis phenotypes in the world.

When Chemdog sprouted the seeds, he discovered Chem ’91 and Chem’s Sister, two of the best-known phenotypes of Chemdawg to this day. In 2001, he grew three more and labeled them “C,” “D,” and “E.” The Chem D was the best of the three phenotypes, possessing a potent high, an intense aroma, and an above-average yield. The Chem D phenotype has since contributed to many new strains, including the celebrated GMO, Motorbreath, and Stardawg varieties.

Five years later, Chemdog met with his friend Joe Brand again and gave him four of the remaining Dog Bud seeds. Joe grew the four seeds and kept the fourth, naming it “Chem 4,” or the “Reunion Pheno.” As it turned out, the Chem 4 offered a larger yield than other Chemdawg phenotypes and had a strong aroma of pine and lemon. This phenotype would go on to be the mother of Copper Chem

9 Week Flower Time

10 Regular Seeds per pack! 


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