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Hello folks, E. Stelio, aka thenotsoesoteric, here and hope you’re having a good day. Eso’s background in cannabis started back in 2002 when he bought Ed Rosenthal’s indoor bible. From there he decided to risk it and sent $160 USD to an old Canadian seed seller and bought a pack of feminized Skunk #1 from Dutch Passion. Those stinky plants sold him on what real genetics could do compared to the Mexican bag seeds his friends had grown previously.

From those early years, Eso has always messed around pollinating plants here and there over the years. He started noticing that his crosses were just as good or better than his parents used to cross them. After a while, he started to notice when plants had potential and sometimes those hunches paid off nicely, such as his Oran Jones cross (Las Vegas Triangle Kush x Tangerine Power) or Grape Sato (Miyagi x Grapes 13).

Eso Seeds found forums in 2010 but never joined up on one until 2013. Since then he has remained on the one forum and now has begun to frequent a new forum so if you want to see more of his trials and tribulations search out “thenotsoesoteric” on the boards. The forums and IG are his new stomping grounds and can always be found so if you’re curious about something let us know.

Moving forward Eso has many things in the works and even more imagined in his head. Hopefully, he can continue to help bring affordable genetics to the great folks of the world. Join him on his crusade against the evil mids of the world. Thanks for stopping by today!

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