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Nurple F3 Auto (BlackBerry Kush x Nami) 5 Feminized Autoflower Seeds

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For our third Binary release we’d like to introduce Nurple!

Three is the magic number with this beautiful creation. She was created by crossing a deep purple BlackBerry Kush with a large and funky Nami. We were looking to add some funkiness and frost to the purple berry kush flavor. We like to think that we got that and more…There are three phenotypes to be found:

  1. Green leaf which switches to new dark purple leafage when entering flower with purple calyxes.
  2. Green leaf with purple flower.
  3. Green leaf with green flower.

All of these are densely covered with a carpeting of trichomes. A grape pixie stick sugar candy smell during flower will be found amongst all phenos. It is intoxicatingly sweet and mouth-watering. Usually overpowering surrounding plants with that funky sweet aroma. Expect medium size plants with strong growth structure. Great for training(lst, super-cropping) 1 ounce + per plant in favorable conditions. She can be harvested in 8 weeks, 9 weeks if your looking for something more couchlock. High is quick setting with a feeling of relaxation and euphoria good for watching movies or your favorite show. If taking later it can be very good for night time bud right before bed.

Lineage: BlackBerry Kush x Nami
Harvest: 8-9 weeks
Yield: 1+ ounce
Size: Medium

5 Feminized Autoflower Seeds per Pack!

6 reviews for Nurple F3 Auto (BlackBerry Kush x Nami) 5 Feminized Autoflower Seeds

  1. Kevin (verified owner)

    As with my review on myrrr,I have these in my indoor grow as well,Germination rate was 90%,I had one seed that failed,but that is to be expected,and was probably due to me,rather than the seed..So far ,I am pleased with this offering as well.Will update these as well,as the grow progresses.Very pleased with my purchases.

  2. Kevin (verified owner)

    Update!This offering was/is steller.The buds were sweet ,and the buzz is unlike any I have ever had,it was a mix of cerebral and body both.I had a few problems early on,(Due to Me)This cost me a little,but suffice it to say,they can take a nitrogen hit and still bounce back.Start to finish was 10 weeks,I have already reordered and can’t wait to run these again.Order these with confidence,and you will be rewarded with some fantastic smoke. K

  3. nicholasjosephjones (verified owner)

    I popped one of these seeds and took it nearly 10 weeks from germination to chop. A fascinating little plant that never developed any leaves with more than 3 blades and the bud is very much a Lamb’s Bread/foxtail type of structure – nothing like the pictures shown, but it was beautiful how floppy it became. The 6 week cure has released a smell that I can describe as a stick of deodorant from ’90’s, and the smoke smells like classical hash and is thick on the tongue. Green gave way to a purple/green scheme and it has frost for days. Way frosty. Like a salt shaker got dumped on it. I look forward to growing this one again, and am actually hoping that I will have more with a similar structure to this one.

  4. rollofft130 (verified owner)

    Great plant 3 seeds And they all popped. On day 67 now one is purple is purple buds the other two are green buds but one of them some leafs are starting to fade to purple. Sexy looking girls but the real test is the smoke when there done.

  5. Michael (verified owner)

    Did exactly what they were supposed to do. Vegged for about 30-35 days to about 1.5 ft and started popping purple heads on 3/5. The other 2 are doing just as good minus the purple.

  6. MOX (verified owner)

    So far I have popped two seeds. Both plants were stellar. One phenotype was purple bud with green leaf. Beautiful plant, the deepest/ richest most beautiful color of purple I’ve ever seen let alone grew! second phenotype was very similar to nicholasjosephjones review. Foxtail structure very tall and lanky. Everything was very interesting black / gray / purple color, the fan leaves,Bud,sugar leaves, stems everything. Also everything was absolutely covered in trichomes. After a month-and-a-half cure both have a very similar smell and taste reminiscent of blackberries.

    • Paul N Chucker

      Sounds fantastic, thank you!

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