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William’s Wonder S1 10 Feminized Seeds


Strayfox Williams Wonder S1 10 Feminized Photoperiod Seeds

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William’s Wonder is a stunning feminized S1 hybrid from Strayfox, combining Wilfred’s cut of William’s Wonder 89 Super Sativa Seed Club and Casey’s Cut of William’s Wonder Washington State. This unique cross offers a fascinating exploration of classic genetics with exceptional potential.

A Fusion of Old-School Genetics:

  • William’s Wonder represents a unique meeting point for two exceptional cuts of the same legendary strain.

  • Wilfred’s cut: This offering originates from Tillamook, Oregon, and dates back to seeds purchased from Super Sativa Seed Club circa 1989.

  • Casey’s cut: Hailing from Vancouver, Washington, this cut boasts a strong reputation for its breeding prowess and uplifting qualities.

Visually Striking & Diverse:

  • The breeder reports a wide variety of phenotypes within William’s Wonder, ranging from broad-leaf Indica structures with heavy, crystal-coated flowers to short and squat “Christmas tree” frames that respond well to topping.
  • The plants grow large and produce colorful yellow, red, and green flowers. This strain has been very popular since the 1980s because of its potency and great taste.

Aromatic Allure:

  • The terpene profile showcases a fascinating spectrum, with some phenotypes offering a “skunky trash can, hazey, hardwood funk” aroma, while others lean towards a “creamy citrus fuel, bakery, sharpie marker” profile.
  • William’s Wonder offers a diverse scent that is a cross between citrus and tropical fruits. The taste is both sweet and sour.

Grower’s Notes:

  • Williams Wonder boasts great bag appeal with greasy buds and exhibits exceptional resistance to mold, mildew, and bugs.
  • This strain exhibits a moderate stretch (.5-1.5) and requires an 8-week flowering time indoors. Outdoor cultivation reaches maturity in mid-to-late September.

A Limited Release:

  • Only a small number of packs were produced, making Williams Wonder a potential collector’s item for enthusiasts of classic genetics.

10 Feminized Photoperiod Seeds per pack!


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