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Skunk Haim F1 11 Regular Seeds


Strayfox Skunk Haim F1 11 Regular Photoperiod Seeds

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Skunk Haim is a captivating F1 hybrid from Strayfox Circle of Blessings, combining Cory Haim’s Cut of Stardawg with the legendary Skunk 91 from Bodhi Seeds.

A Passion Project:

  • This creation emerged from the breeder’s ongoing exploration of skunk genetics. While originally intended as a stepping stone for further breeding projects, Skunk Haim has emerged as a formidable strain in its own right.

Aromatic Powerhouse:

  • Expect a powerful and pungent profile dominated by classic skunk notes with hints of fuel.

Potent Genetics:

  • Stardawg, a favorite of the breeder for its exceptional qualities, contributes dense bud structure and impressive potency.
  • Bodhi’s Skunk 91 line offers the potential for phenomenal “stinky skunk” females when dialed in correctly.

Grower’s Notes:

  • Skunk Haim exhibits vigorous growth with thick branching and impressive bud formation.
  • Certain phenotypes within the Skunk 91 line can be sensitive to overfeeding, so careful nutrient management is recommended.
  • Flowering time falls within the range of 8-9 weeks.
  • Due to the pungent aroma, carbon filters are highly recommended.
  • Taking cuttings is encouraged to preserve desirable traits.

Experience the potent legacy of Skunk Haim!

11 Regular Photoperiod Seeds per pack!


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