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Tuna Kush F2 12 Regular Seeds

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Tuna Kush aka Tuna OG is a BC legend that is now surfacing in North American markets. This strain has been deemed one of the most potent available, producing small, dense nuggets that are hard-caked with resin! Tuna Kush is a rare Indica dominant hybrid strain that is said to be a phenotype of the classic Hindu Kush.

Hazeman’s F2 Tuna Kush is a highly potent heritage Hindu Kush variety with origins in age-old hash smuggling routes. This variety drips resin in all growing phases and carries a very strong odor. At harvest she produces some of the most potent, hard resin-covered kush buds on the planet; the flavor and aroma’s complexity make Tuna Kush a unique and highly sought-after Kush strain.

Not a fast or a big producer, so don’t expect to set yield records with this strain. However, you will have the hardest and most potent buds premium connoisseur grade buds you may have ever seen, with piles of very resinous trim; ideal for extracts. The BudderKing reportedly prefers Tuna over all other strains for making some of the most potent extracts in the world: very creamy and sticky!

Easy to grow excellent quality but slow to grow in height and girth; very compact. Yield varies with experience, but growers have achieved as much as one and a half pounds from a single plant in a very large container indoors-this is an exception, not the rule! In a five-gallon pot, you can typically expect to reap a few ounces per plant of very solid, stinky, and sticky-icky.
Develops purples in the fan leaves and smaller bud leaves with cooler temperatures-prefers more “blue” MH type light blended in with common HPS artificial light sources.
Expect notes of pungent skunk, fuel, and a delicate sweetness intermixed. Lots of odor control is recommended while growing Tuna Kush!

Flowering Time: 7.5 – 9 Weeks

12 Regular Photoperiod Seeds plus freebies! 

2 reviews for Tuna Kush F2 12 Regular Seeds

  1. nicholasjosephjones (verified owner)

    OMG, I slept on this pack a while ago, and am bummed I didn’t stock up on this earlier. I do not have the spot to maximize these little ladies, but I would definitely customize an entire setup, sprout to smoke, for this plant, and run it for years.

    Mine went 3/4 females, and ran a shorter veg than they want at 2 months, with aplenty long flower time. nice nugs and old rugs.

    hazeman, man…

  2. jerie (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful growing strain and it’s obvious that, back in the day, someone really loved this plant! It’s easy to grow, easy to clone, and exhibits good vigor in veg. It has good structure and regenerates well. Tuna Kush is commercially grown so despite the description, the yields can be quite good. This Hindu Kush varietal shows moderate phenotype variations. Most plants are on the shorter side and slower flowering. There is tall growing, fast flowering phenotype, that in good conditions, yields way above average. I’ve had bushy trimmed plants of this pheno grow well over 8 feet tall when grown outside. It’s also skunky smelling – Not the loudest I’ve grown but there’s no mistaking she’s there! All the plants I’ve grown show fair to good mold resistance and finish in early October. Buds aren’t huge, but they are tight and right!

    If you’ve ever wondered about the bud your parents smoked back in the day, look no further. This is some serious retro bud that may be too much for some but if you’re down for exotic, old-school terps then this could be your go-to! If not, it’s still different enough to serve as a nice changeup to your evening OG routine. On inhale you’re first presented with that typical old-school skunk taste but that quickly changes as a top layer of sweetness with exotic plum, incense, and floral notes play out. Then comes the chest expansion and exhales of pine and fuel. Exotic and different. Super tasty when grown right. Effects are pretty immediate and escalate with every toke. Classy and distinctively stony, this is herb that sets in behind the eyes and is great for soothing body aches and pains while taking that well-deserved break.

    • Paul N Chucker

      Fantastic review, thank you kindly for sharing your thoughts!

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