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Blood Rose ([Skunk #1 x Heath Robinson’s Black Rose] x [Black Russian Land Race Cut x Mr. Nice Black Widow]) Regular Seeds


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This was a cross I made from Riot’s seeds Blood Rose. Which if you read his description of
it is a Flying Dutchmen’s The Pure (aka Skunk #1) and hit her with a Heath
Robinson’s Black Rose. Then we took a male Black Russian which is a
Russian landrace cut and hit her with Mr. Nice Black Widow male. We wanted to
keep the name Blood Rose because of the cranberry red buds you get from her.
She is an indica sativa mix with an 8 to 10 week finish. This is a good cross that you want for your
collection. This was done with an open pollination and several males where
used, so there are a wide range of pheno’s to hunt for.

Photo Credit: FarmerLion

Ingredients: hemp seed

1 review for Blood Rose ([Skunk #1 x Heath Robinson’s Black Rose] x [Black Russian Land Race Cut x Mr. Nice Black Widow]) Regular Seeds

  1. FarmerLion

    I wanted to share with you my experience with this strain. It was the first and strongest seedlings to come up. All season they have endured some very high temperatures +100. Late September through tomorrow, nite time temperatures have been in the low 40’s. Neither plant has any Skunk phenotypic expressions. Maybe the Black Rose and Black Widow are being expressed more? For being grown outdoors in a greenhouse, this is one of the frostiest plants I’ve grown. The trichome heads are smaller and short, covering stems and leaves. The buds glisten in the sunlight. The overall strength and health of these genetics are incredible. For coastal regions of the United States. These plants should be in every grow!

    For northern inland growers, indoors or greenhouse is necessary to finish properly. Imo Hazeman is doing an injustice to themselves without full-plant pictures. These are truly some special genetics. They don’t need to be hyped or exaggerated to be recognized as the upper echelon of cannabis. If anything please add this to the comments section for this strain. Here are a few pictures before I harvest tomorrow.

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