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Monkey Balls (aka Deep Chunk F2) 10 Regular Seeds


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Monkey Balls is a F2 pheno of Tom Hills Deep Chunk. Hazeman had some F1 seeds to make this F2 preservation of Tom Hills creation. The weed is very strong and long-lasting. The yield of this plant is very high. Expect the flowering time to be anywhere from 54 to 64 days. This is another old Classic brought back and preserved for future generations!

Sex: Regular
Type: Indica & Sativa
Flowering: Photoperiod
Height: Medium
Area: Indoor & Outdoor

Genetics: Monkey Balls (aka Deep Chunk)

From Deep Chunk is a 100% pure indica strain with unknown genetics that is best known as an “Old School” indica from Northern California that made an appearance in the early 1970’s. This bud offers a fast hitting potent body high idea of any classic indica strain. You’ll be hit with a surprisingly uplifting motivated head high upon the onset with a slight tingly sensation in your spine and back of the head. As the high continues, this tingling spreads throughout the body with a warming and numbing effect that leaves you couch-locked, sedated, and completely at ease. This body melt saps your motivation and leaves you lazy and lethargic, unable to move for hours on end and in a deep state of pain-free relaxation. Because of these powerful effects, Deep Chunk is said to be ideal for treating insomnia, chronic pain, appetite loss, and depression. These buds have medium-sized airy fluffy grape-shaped dusty green nugs with fiery orange fuzzy hairs and a frosty layer of chunky shiny crystal white trichomes. Deep Chunk has an aroma of sweet earthy lemon and a taste of savory mushrooms with an aftertaste of sweet earthy lemon.

10 Regular Seeds plus freebies!


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