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Rosetta Stone XX (Jack Herer x Cinderella 99 pollen donor) 9 Female Seeds

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Rosetta Stone XX is the all female version of Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone XX was rated “Top Ten of 2018” by High Times magazine for its amazing flavor and potency. We pollinated our Jack Herer female with STS-induced Cinderella 99 female pollen to create this 100% female version of the Classic Rosetta Stone. What a joy it is to behold these sparkling colas finishing their last couple of weeks.

Rosetta Stone has remarkable Tetrahydrocannabivarin cannabinoid production, and is high in terpinolene, beta-myrcene, and beta-ocimene, and also has a fair amount of pinene, carene, and limonene terpenes.

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The combination of Cinderella 99’s heavy resin production pushes the classic Jack Herer to new levels of aromatic terpenes to an already heady recipe. What’s more, you can harvest this hybrid in 9 weeks instead of the typical Jack Herer 12-week flowering period. Expect wonderfully sweet, musky, incense-scented plants with notes of jasmine and anise – the classic Jack Herer aromas and flavor.  It’s like Jack Herer, but more consistent, bigger-yielding, and faster-flowering.

Flowering Time: 63-70 days.

These are big, vigorous plants with tons of resin on a large main cola and heavily budded branches so be sure to use supports.

Prune into multi-headed, or leave a single, dominant cola. Stake the main colas to support them. Their strong branches may need no other staking than that, but watch for heavy branches that may need additional support. SOG and SCROG work well too.

We regularly yield 8 dry ounces from a typical indoor plant. Outdoors, these plants are only limited by the grower’s style.

9 Female Photoperiod Seeds per pack! 

2 reviews for Rosetta Stone XX (Jack Herer x Cinderella 99 pollen donor) 9 Female Seeds

  1. Eric (verified owner)

    I had always been impressed with Rosetta original but had some trouble finding a pheno worthy for my grow. Plants were hearty and loved nutes for first couple weeks of flower. After a hint of hairs turning red then straight rainwater after that. I used organic medium with mycos and blended meals and castings in the soil. I use a hime made boom with Gen Organics. Flora with bid bud and flower power aand molasses with a good cal mag and did add light ironite to supplement. Indoor under 1200 watt higro and used viparspectra 900 on another. Plant growth vavied with phenos but mostly turned out rock hard buds and stripping lowers yet pollenated 1 with Strawberry Beret( Bc Roadkill x 501 kush. Yet to run those beans. Easy grow. Moderate yield but not the punch or energy rush of the old stock. It deserves about a 3 1/2 stars but not a hard hitter. Great for someone whom does not want a real heavy hitter but I only ran 3 beans so its possible other phenos may be stronger but smells looks and taste great if flushed well. ALMOST 4 Stars but I am honest. Mofarmer

  2. Paul N Chucker

    Fantastic write-up, thank you!

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