Midnight Frost F1 (Sacacandy #19 x Dj Short F13 #5) 13 Regular Limited Edition Seeds

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Strain: Midnight Frost F1 LIMITED EDITION (208 PACKS TOTAL)

Filial Classification: F1 Hybrid.

Lineage: Sacacandy #19 (mother) X Dj Short F13 #5 (father).

Flowering Time: Approximately 60-67 days.

Production: Medium well. The Midnight Frost produces medium-sized buds of purple and dank kush floral buds covered in trichomes. She often produces tight flower clusters with pointed tops.

Effect: Dreamy. The effect of the Midnight Frost is dreamy while she can also induce heavy introspective thought and couch lock spaciness often followed by munchies and giddiness.

13 Regular Seeds per pack plus freebies!

4 reviews for Midnight Frost F1 (Sacacandy #19 x Dj Short F13 #5) 13 Regular Limited Edition Seeds

  1. littledabbie420 (verified owner)

    Popped 2 Both came up in less then 24 hours what more can you ask for!

  2. littledabbie420 (verified owner)

    Back to update the original review, Shes an AMAZING Plant Check out Little.Dabbie420 On Instagram or #MidnightFrost for one of the hottest plants I’ve personally grown to date. Plenty more pics of her to come as she ages, At time of writing shes 19 days old. Follow along on instagram to see her finish!!! Don’t Skip on these seeds either you can’t go wrong!!!

    • Paul N Chucker

      Thank you for taking the time to review and share your experience!

  3. littledabbie420 (verified owner)

    Final thoughts And I hope no one gets mad i’m leaving 3 reviews rofl.. Its a Story ok!

    Final thoughts tho, Shes a frosty beast, Has some gassy smells coming from her when I trimmed her up, Yeild is about average your not going to win any awards in that department, The 1 Pheno I got so far stayed green all thru till harvest, I’m not getting berry smells yet but she does need to dry and cure. All in all I think its a great strain but yeild needs a lil improving for 100$ tho I’d say 4 stars is about right.

    @little.Dabbie420 #midnightfrost Pictures of the flowers are on display the oil is coming soon!

  4. BigPretzel (verified owner)

    Excellent cultivar! Vigorous veg growth, medium stretch, early trichome production that just keeps piling up, dark blueish/purple-Black fans, chunky colas made up of little bud bouquets (clusters) and a kick ass minty toothpaste like floral nose brings it all together to make a very unique beautiful cultivar that has me reaching for the jar nightly. Warning!! MUNCHIE Mayhem will commence in the kitchen.

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