King Bee F1 (Chernobyl X Blue Heaven) 13 Regular Seeds

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Strain: King Bee (only 150 packs total available)

Filial Classification: F1 hybrid.

Lineage: Chernobyl (mother) X and the clone only Blue Heaven (father).

This F1 hybrid boasts royal lineage, with the Chernobyl mother and the iconic clone-only Blue Heaven father. Expect a citrusy-berry explosion paired with a musky undertone that’ll leave you wanting more.

King Bee’s got it all:

Fast Flowering: 62-70 days, perfect for impatient growers.

Good Yields: Dense, resinous buds that pack a 🥊.

Medium-Tall Stature: Easy to manage in any tent size.

Spear-Shaped Buds: A classic beauty with bag appeal.

And the best part? Each pack comes with 13 regular seeds PLUS freebies! Don’t miss this chance to add some royalty to your garden.

13 Regular Photoperiod Seeds per pack plus freebies!


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