Mass Rootbeer x ’88 Northern Lights #2 F1 12 Regular Seeds


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Mass Rootbeer x ’88 Northern Lights #2 F1

This strain is a vigorous F1 hybrid of a choice ’88NL2 male, cross-bred with the elite underground cut of Rootbeer from Southbridge Massachusetts. These F1 offspring are more potent than NL2, heavier yielding than the Rootbeer clone, and the flavors presented are simply amazing. It’s super easy to cultivate and forgiving; excellent for newbies.

When Deep Ellum made the round of nl2xnl2 beans back in April, he also made a dozen or so F1 crosses with the NL2 male and sorted through them in order to locate the best one to release. The (RootbeerXnl2) was the one that he chose as the best out of the bunch. These are extremely limited so get them while you can!

12 Regular Seeds per pack! 


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