Dominion Seed Co Dominion Skunk F1 10 Regular Seeds

Dominion Seed Co Dominion Skunk F1 10 Regular Photoperiod Seeds

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You are bidding on one rare pack of Dominion Seed Company’s Dominion Skunk F1 (Skunk VA Chemdog x Skunk 1) x {Unknown Hashplant Skelly HP x Skunk 1} 10 Regular Photoperiod Seeds!

Flower Cycle: 58-66 Days

Yield: Medium High – High

Morphology – Two phenotypes appear structurally. One tighter noded that is more indicative of the hashplant skunk and one that is a bit more stretched out, more like the Chemdog Skunk mother. Both tend to branch more vertically than laterally.

Both produce very funky skunky fuel acrid buds with the tighter phenos yielding a bit more.

Growing Notes – On the tighter noded pheno I extra veg time is recommended to take advantage of the yield capabilities. On the more noded pheno, start training earlier in veg. Train a main cola with a nice canopy below the main apex about 6-8″ by super cropping.

Pest Resistance – 8/10

Mildew Resistance – 7/10

Stress Resistance Notes – No hermaphroditic traits from over-watering and under-watering. During the light leak test most phenos did not exhibit herm traits and others held tight until 5 days prior to harvest. Some light herm traits were seen if heavily overfed.

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