ApriComa #5 F3 S1 10 Feminized Seeds


Seattle Chronic Seeds Apricoma #5 F3 S1 10 Feminized Photoperiod Seeds

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Apricoma #5 F3 Feminized seeds from Seattle Chronic Seeds is the culmination of a multi-generational breeding project focused on creating a powerhouse for hash production and impressive yields.


  • This exceptional strain is a feminized S1 cross of ♀️LEGEND ORANGE APRICOT F3 (Capulator) x ♂️ APRICOT MAC (MAC#5 x GLAZED APRICOT GELATO).
  • The #5 selection represents the breeders’ choice from the F3 generation.

Breeding and Selection:

  • Seattle Chronic Seeds created the original seed stock around 2018/19.
  • Nachos El Sapo (RIP Jon) meticulously selected from the F2 generation, returning a portion of the stock to SCS for further development.
  • SCS then rigorously evaluated both F1 and F2 populations to identify ideal candidates for the F3 generation.
  • This selection prioritized traits specifically for hash production and overall yield potential, opting for line progression over backcrossing (BX) for stabilization.

Grower’s Notes:

  • Apricoma #5 F3 boasts impressive vigor, with the largest plant grown by SCS reaching nearly 7 lbs in a smaller pot.
  • This resilient strain exhibits exceptional resistance to mold and mildew pathogens.
  • The complex terpene profile is dominated by pungent citrus notes, accented by fuel and chemical cleaner undertones.
  • While these plants can be slightly sensitive to intense light stress, they have performed remarkably well under various stress tests.

Key Characteristics:

  • Flowering Type: Feminized
  • Yield Potential: High
  • Mold/Mildew Resistance: High
  • Terpene Profile: Citrus, Fuel, Chemical
  • Hash Production: High

Additional Details:

  • This variety thrives with multi-topping techniques in synthetic nutrient setups.
  • Single cola cultivation is recommended for organic gardens.

Experience the culmination of meticulous breeding!

Limited to 20 packs total! Add Apricoma #5 F3 Feminized from Seattle Chronic Seeds to your cart today and cultivate a champion for your hash-making endeavors.

10 Feminized Photoperiod Seeds per pack!


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