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Katsu Seeds Trinity Skunk S1 6 Feminized Photoperiod Seeds

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Trinity Skunk S1

Trinity Skunk S1 – The Trinity is a unique heirloom of Cannabis, originating from Eugene, Oregon. This clone-only strain has a rich history and distinct characteristics that set it apart from others. There’s speculation that the Trinity may be a Northern Lights #1 (NL1) bagseed or some other Pure Afghanica Cannabis bagseed. However, the exact genetic origins remain a mystery, adding to the intrigue surrounding this strain. The original description of the Trinity by Jason King in Cannabis Culture Magazine decades ago led to some misconceptions. King suggested that the Trinity was a road kill type cut, leading many to compare it to the Shoreline strain. However, the Trinity is pure Oldschool Afghani, not skunky but more musky in nature. The Trinity is known to enhance everything it touches. Its structural superiority is unmatched, and it’s been observed that everything selfed from the Trinity comes out similar to the mother plant, with slight variations in phenotypes. The Trinity is incredibly resistant, especially to mildews. It boasts broad, serrated, huge leaflets and a Jurassic type structure, making it a formidable plant. Its robust structure is often described as monstrous, making it a perfect plant in the eyes of many.

The Trinity is known for its fast flowering time, with some growers reporting that it finishes in 45 days with a high yield. This makes it a highly sought-after strain for growers looking for efficient and productive plants.

Despite its popularity, the Trinity is not without its controversies. Some growers have disputed its skunky aroma, arguing that it’s more musky than skunky. This has led to debates within the cannabis community about the true nature of the Trinity’s aroma.

6 Feminized Photoperiod Seeds per pack!


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