Thug Pug Genetics Mule Fuel 10 Regular Seeds

Thug Pug Genetics Mule Fule 10 Regular Photoperiod Seeds

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You are bidding on one rare Thug Pug Genetics’ Mule Fuel 10 Regular Seeds pack!

Mule Fuel is a hybrid cannabis strain created by Gromer Juana and Thug Pug Genetics. The strain is 90% indica dominant and produces stocky, bushy plants with large leaves and dense, bright green flowers loaded with resinous trichomes. As its name suggests, Mule Fuel stinks of gas and delivers effects that hit hard like a mule kick. With POTENCY and terpenes that reek of rotting fruit, diesel, skunk, and earth, this strain makes for a delicious smoke best reserved for experienced users with a high tolerance.

Mule Fuel is reportedly 90% indica dominant and descends from crossing a GMO female with Lurch, an exclusive Thug Pug male used in many of Gromer’s crosses.

GMO needs little introduction. Stemming from GSC and Chemdawg, GMO is renowned for its unique savory aroma of Garlic, Mushrooms, and Onion mixed with the pungent stank of epoxy and fuel. While it might not appeal to everyone, GMO is beloved by a large group of users of all types.

On the other hand, Lurch (Mendo Montage) is a mysterious strain. Unfortunately, we know very little of its genetic origins and creation. All we know is that Lurch gets a frequent mention from Thug Pug Genetics and has been used to create many of the brand’s strains.

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