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Stardog Breath x Goat Supreme F1 15 Regular Seeds

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Cannabeizein 2022: Stardog Breath X Goat Supreme

Stardawg Breath is a hybrid marijuana strain created by crossing Stardawg with Mendo Breath.

Goat Supreme is Purple Goat X Goat Yogi.

Goat Yogi is Purple Goat X Second Sight.

Purple Goat is Trainwreck X (Blueberry X Skunk #1).

Second Sight is Tree of Life X Third Eye.

Third Eye is Headband X Jack The Ripper from Dru West of West Coast Masters.

About the Cannabeizein Collection 2022
The Goat Supreme is the Purple Goat X Goat Yogi from the 2021 seed collection.
In 2022 Cannabeizein decided to do a small seed batch indoors under LED lights.  Cannabeizein had some seedlings from the Purple Goat X Goat Yogi cross from 2021 that I was trying out.  They looked like healthy and exciting plants, so Cannabeizein used that cross as the male plants.  Ultimately, Cannabeizein selected four brother plants for pollination from the Purple Goat X Goat Yogi cross, which we called Goat Supreme.  They mostly had four female plants that I was pollinating, and a few other smaller plants were also in the room.  The prominent four crosses were the Tree of Life, Bubba, Stardog Breath, and then the Bedrock Boogie.  Even though the Bedrock Boogie was fully pollinated like the others, it produced very few seeds in comparison.  I had a few different female Goat Supreme plants, and there was one that was a real standout that reminded me of the Blueberry X Skunk plant, which was of the same seed cross as the father of the Purple Goat.  So Cannabeizein did a re-veg of the best plant and has called that Goat Supreme #1.  There were two other plants very similar to that one and a more lemony couple with a more sativa plant structure.  The seed packs of the Goat Supreme X Goat Supreme will contain a mix with some seeds from each mother plant,  six female plants x four male plants, so there should be some variety of genetics to search for.  I have some Goat Supreme 1 X Goat Supreme seeds and will continue that seed line specifically to see what develops.
The Tree of Life, Bubba, and StarDog Breath produced many excellent-looking healthy seeds.  Being indoors, Cannabeizein let them go longer than usual and let the seeds get nice and super ripe.
The seeds have all been germinating well, and there should be a lot of great genetic treasures to find in this seed batch.  As always, everyone is welcome to use Cannabeizein seeds to make their seed crosses and to preserve and share genetics.  I only ask that you record the correct lineages of the made seeds.
These seeds should all grow well indoors or outdoors and be ripe in about 7 – 8 weeks or by early October outdoors.
Good Luck and Enjoy!

15 Regular Seeds from the 2022 Indoor Organic Garden per pack!

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