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Purple Goat x Goat Yogi F1 15 Regular Seeds


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Cannabeizein’s Purple Goat [Trainwreck X (Blueberry X Skunk #1]) X Goat Yogi (Purple Goat x Second Sight) is a fantastic new cross!

A Purple Goat [Trainwreck X (Blueberry X Skunk #1]) cultivar was open pollinated by four excellent Second Sight (Tree of Life X Third Eye) male plants to create the Goat Yogi. Goat Yogi will grow relatively homogeneously, displaying a classic Sativa/Indica Hybrid growth structure. Strong Sativa influenced plant growth coupled with dense Indica-style buds.

Goat Yogi = Purple Goat [Trainwreck X (Blueberry X Skunk #1]) x Second Sight (Tree of Life x Third Eye (Headband x Jack The Ripper)

Grow Difficulty: Easy-Medium.

Flowering Days: 56 – 64 Days

Outdoor Finish: Fourth week of September.

Average Yield: A medium to high yield of Sativa/Indica hybrid buds.

Average Height: A medium to tall growing Sativa dominant growth pattern.

Recommendations & Notes: Suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation.

Cannabeizein 2021 Collection
During the outdoor sun-grown 2021 season, we decided to do a small seed batch.  I selected a Goat Yogi seedling from our 2017 batch as the male pollen donor for these seed crosses.  I had started various 2017 seeds as a germination test and had a few hanging out to try in the outdoor garden.  The Goat Yogi seemed like the strongest candidate of the seedlings, so all other males were culled.    I carefully observed the male Goat Yogi plant, and after the first day that I saw pollen, I cut him down and shook the male plant over the nearby female plants I had planned on pollinating.  In the end, several other plants in the garden were also partially pollinated.  The seeds all turned out very nice and mature; 2021 was an excellent dry and sunny year in the garden here in Oregon.
The Goat Yogi was a Purple Goat X Second Sight cross from the 2017 seed batch.  The Purple Goat is our cutting of a Trainwreck X (Blueberry X Skunk #1).  Then the Second Sight was our Tree of Life X Third Eye, with our Tree of Life being our favorite cultivar to grow that I have been preserving since 2007.  Tree of Life is Trainwreck X Purps.  It grows as strong as the Trainwreck but with a slightly more subtle flavor, not quite as lemony smelling as the Trainwreck but more like a fine sandalwood incense. Then the Second Sight was a cross of Tree of Life X Third Eye, with the Third Eye being a cross of Headband (Headbanger Cut) X Jack The Ripper (TGA Seeds) from West Coast Masters.  Dru West ( gave me the seeds at a Portland NORML summer meeting 2015.
So that Goat Yogi male pollinated a few plants in the garden intentionally and a few others unintentionally.  The seeds all turned out very lovely and mature-looking and have all been germinating well.  They should all grow well indoors or outdoors and be ready in about 7 – 8 weeks indoors or by early October outdoors.
Enjoy, and Good Luck!

15 Regular Seeds per pack!


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