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Kandahar Blues F1 15 Regular Seeds


Kandahar Blues F1 (Kandahar Black and Blueberry F9) 15 Regular Seeds

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Dirty Worm Farms’ Kandahar Blues is an F1 cross of Kandahar Black and Blueberry F9!

Where Afghan Spice Meets Blueberry Bliss!  Get ready for a tastebud odyssey, folks! Dirty Worms Farms just unleashed their latest masterpiece: Kandahar Blues, an F1 fusion of their epic Blueberry stud and a rare, preserved Kandahar Black from Blackbird Preservations.

Here’s why this cross is a game-changer:

Spice & Sugar: Brace yourself for an explosion of pungent, spicy incense aromas that’ll transport you to the Afghan mountains, followed by waves of sweet, juicy blueberry goodness. ️

Open & Airy: Forget dense indica bushes – Kandahar Blues boasts an open structure with narrow leaves, thanks to the Blueberry’s influence. Easy on the eyes and perfect for tight spaces!

Rock-Hard Nuggets: Get ready for golf ball-sized buds that’ll glisten with trichomes and pack a serious punch.

Faster Finish: Forget the 11-12 week wait of the original Kandahar Black. This beauty is ready for harvest in just 8-9 weeks, thanks to the Blueberry’s magic touch.

Finicky No More: The OG Kandahar Black was a diva, but Dirty Worms tamed the beast! Kandahar Blues is a breeze to grow, even for newbies.

Blackbird Preservations deserves a shoutout too! Their dedication to preserving rare genetics like Kandahar Black is a true gift to the cannabis community.

15 Regular Photoperiod Seeds per pack!


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