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Joe’s Gift F1 ([Kleicha Cookies x Duckweb IBL] x Black & Blissful) 5 Feminized Seeds

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Manifest Destiny’s “Joe’s Gift” is an F1 cross of Kleicha Cookies Manifest Destiny breeder cut x Afghani Heirloom “Duckweb IBL”) crossed to a reversed Black & Blissful (Black Chem x Blissful Wizard).

The clone used as the feminized pollen donor for Black & Blissful is an In-House reversed “Black Chem,” which is Manifest Destiny’s one-off cross he made by himself in a very small batch pollination damn near almost a decade ago cross, aka (Black D.O.G. x reversed Chem 91 jb/Snow Lotus) crossed to Blissful Wizard.

Kleicha Cookies is Manifest Destiny’s creation from 2021 and is a cross of Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies and Triangle Kush/Iraqi heirloom.

In some phenotypes of Joe’s Gift, the first few sets of fan leaves may look very “unique,” but rest assured; they will become 100% normalized after they mature and progress through the vegetative cycle.

Indica/Sativa: 20/80 Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time: 64-72 Days

Nutrient Intake: Mid- Heavy Feeder

Terpenes: Ripe Fruit & Kush

Growth Traits: Average to above average difficulty strain for new growers with low stretching during the first four weeks after switching to “bloom,” aka flowering from veg. (going from 18h on/6h off in veg. to 12h on/12h off in flower regarding the light cycles.

**Proceeds from this particular strain are donated to the Drug Policy Alliance in honor of my friend Joe, one of the kindest souls ever to walk the Earth. We love and miss you, bro!**

5 Feminized Photoperiod Seeds per pack!


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