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PuTang S1 (Star Pupil x Tangie) 7 Feminized Seeds

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Mass Medical Strains PuTang S1 7 Feminized Photoperiod Seeds

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PuTang is a very special plant, one of our absolute best ever! The effect is super happy, with both a powerful uplifting mental high and a super euphoric body buzz. A strong uplifting sativa style effect, extremely mind opening and has done wonders for patients with extreme depression. This is a super special and sacred plant. Feedback we have gotten says that it has saved multiple lives and we couldn’t be more humbled to be a part of that! Plants will smell mostly of orange/tangerine from our very special Tangie sativa mother, with some heavier notes and purple colors from the Pupil side mixed right in along with a grape candy undertone. Terpinolene will dominate the terpene profile with lots of Myrcene too. These plants are very loud! Extremely flavorful and enjoyable. Plants have about 2-3x stretch and finish flowering in 8-9 weeks. Fast growing even in veg phase. 

This strain is one of our best outdoor performance in most climates with excellent resistance to mold and mildew. 

1st Place Commonwealth Cannabis Cup 2019

HighTimes Magazine Top 10 Strains 2019

Flavor: Delicious sharp Orange Citrus with dank Candy Grape background.

Effect: Psychedelic, trippy and intense sativa, energetic. Greener phenos slightly more body high too. Anti-depressive and anti-anxiety.

Flower Time: 8-9 weeks

Yield: Medium to Heavy

Height: Medium-Tall

7 Feminized Photoperiopd Seedsc Per Pack!


2 reviews for PuTang S1 (Star Pupil x Tangie) 7 Feminized Seeds

  1. nicholasjosephjones (verified owner)


    I popped one of the six seeds, and did a 10 week veg. Flipped it to 11/13 flower cycle. and took that for a 9 week flower ride.

    This plant was one of the true purple phenos, with fairly sparse flower, that I tried to maximize by creating a super cropped canopy. It was not a great return in quantity at about 2.5 dried ounces…but the quality!?

    Boy, howdy!

    Kind of as advertised, there’s like a weird orange citrusy tang that’s fighting with some kind of weird, too-sweet of grape type of thing that’s been soaking in kerosene and dirty water outside on a hot day, and it gets better every day of the cure. I dipped into some a bit early but it just makes me want to cure it longer to see what it does.

    Tip…you can mix some of this in with some chilled out indica flower for a real weirdo trip.

    I currently have the 2 clones I took of this lady flowering out, and I plan to take them to 10 and 11 weeks to see what that does.

    She is not the keeper I am looking for…but I wish I could keep her…and I have 5 more seeds to find one…if there’s any.

    So that’s PuTang.

    Intoxicating..yet I wish there were more to it.

  2. Eric J (verified owner)

    What a beautiful strain! I only popped one seed which turned out to be the most purple plant I have ever cultivated. She started popping purple calyx’s at 1.5 weeks into flower, grown in soil with roots organic nutrient line. Grown in a 2’x4’ tent with HLG 300R led. I chose to do a supercropped ScROG that yielded slightly over 2.5oz dried and trimmed. Not quite the return I was hoping for but hey, cannot complain! In veg, she smelled just like a bag of orange peels towards the end of flower she picked up a grape “rubber cement” type of smell mixed with orange. Very enjoyable high! Not overpowering like most of todays popular high thc strains. Next time I grow this plant I will do a much more aggressive lollipop to maximize larger flowers. I see why this is a cup winner , and definitely in my top 5 strains I have grown. Hats off to MMS

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