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Hollywood Unicorn F1 10 Feminized Seeds

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Strayfox Hollywood Unicorn F1 10 Feminized Photoperiod Seeds

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Hollywood Unicorn is a stunning feminized F1 hybrid from Strayfox, combining ES’ cut of Hollywood Pure Kush (HPK) with Bodhi Seeds’ cut of Purple Unicorn. This cross offers exceptional potential for resin production, unique visual characteristics, and vigorous growth.

A Vigorous & Resinous Union:

  • Strayfox’s Hollywood Unicorn merges the renowned resin production qualities of the HPK ELK Slayer cut with the captivating colors of Bodhi Seeds’ Purple Unicorn.

Monstrous Growth Potential:

  • Breeders describe this strain as exhibiting vigorous growth, potentially requiring additional space during cultivation.

Visually Stunning:

  • The extended flowering spears become blanketed in trichomes, offering a visually impressive display.
  • A small percentage of phenotypes express gold coloring, adding another layer of visual intrigue.

Grower’s Notes:

  • Hollywood Unicorn has a longer flowering time compared to some strains.

10 Feminized Photoperiod Seeds per pack! 


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