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GSD F6 (GG4 x Sunshine Daydream) 10 Regular Seeds


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Copa Genetics GSD is an F6 cross of GG4 (cut) and Sunshine Daydream (F1 Hybrid).

In August of 2021 Copa got the go-ahead from Bodhi (@plantmoreseeds) to formally name the line “GSD” and release it into the wild. In 2017 Bodhi released the line without a name as a “love gift.” These packs were labeled “outdoor only” because of the GG4 nanner tendencies.

Copa popped his first pack of those and found the nicest male he had seen in years, the #5 male. He open-pollinated everything in the garden. Copa also selectively pollinated all the females in Vermont with just the #5 male. Since then he has worked the line outdoors in Southern Maine every season. He also started running the GSD indoors in 2019 and is confident the line is stable at this point. Every filial generation has been rigorously tested, the F6 line has been tested by several independent growers and there has been nothing but positive feedback.

This release has been a long time coming and Copa is satisfied that the “GSD” will live up to its excellent pedigree. Copa has invested a lot of quality time in these girls and they will bring amazing flowers to the gardens that they grace. Super potent, a breeze to trim, amazing structure.

Most phenos have “greasy” trichomes, bred toward the GG4 side for potency and SSDD traits selected for structure. Holds up to most anything thrown at it and keeps ongoing. Solid outdoor performer and very potent.

Flowering Time: 7-9 weeks indoors, pheno dependent. Outdoors end of Sept, 1st week of Oct.

Yield: (Copa Cut #28) Indoors up to 1.2g/watt, outdoors 3-4lb per plant in a 100-gallon pot with 7-8 hours of full sun.

Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Indoor, Greenhouse, and Outdoor

10 Regular Seeds GSD F6 per pack!


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