Fast Finola F3 10 Regular Seeds


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Seattle Chronic’s Fast Finola F3 is a cross of Auto Finola f2 and another full-spectrum cannabinoid male. The original Finola is a hemp strain (Cannabis Sativa L.) from Finland it grows even with a few hours of light. Developed in Scandinavian laboratories in the mid-90s. and intended for the production of food and oil.

Fast Finola blooms quite quickly and finishes in under 90 days from seed. Most of the test subjects were under 90 days, the autos leaners being done in 64-74, the other phenos were still showing sex predominantly but could hold veg for a longer period. Expect roughly 3/4 Auto phenos with 1/4 being Fast-Flowering (under 90 days).

Smells range from Floral, Sour Earth, and musky with some sweeter phenos that have a mixed berry smell with little to no earth.
Special thanks to Hoku Seed Co for the La Crema CBG used in this cross.
10 Regular (non-feminized) seeds per pack! 


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