Cinderella XX (Princess x C99 female pollen donor) 9 Female Seeds


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Over the past two decades, Cinderella 99 has become legendary as the “Holy Grail.” Created to reliably produce uniformly excellent representations of the ideal high-potency phenotype, the seedlings have very little variation – they grow with similar scents; flowering time; potency; yield; and growth structure..

Brothers Grimm have traditionally refused to offer feminized seeds because we didn’t believe it was necessary, and we didn’t want to risk hermaphroditism. However, our research during 2016 led us to a method that produced our first feminized version of Cinderella 99 – we call it Cinderella XX, to indicate the two X chromosomes.

Cinderella XX likes 56-65 days of 12/12. Seedlings should be 6-8 weeks old before flowering. Pistils should all be withered and the resin heads have all gone cloudy/milky at harvest time.

Clones flowered at 12-18 inches tall, will be approximately 36-48 inches tall at harvest. Expect frosty tight buds with tropical fruity terpenes. Purple colors may develop during cold temps and/or late in flowering.

The properly cured bud feels sticky and pliable between your fingers. On the nose, you get a kind of Hawaiian Punch pineapple but with a funky body odor undertone. When you light it up, that fruity flavor hits your taste buds first, then the funky aftertaste.

Cinderella XX is a fast flowering plant needing plenty of light and nutrients, she also likes extra cal/mag. The structure of these plants is robust, so they can be grown in the natural Christmas tree with a central stake for support. Watch for heavy branches that may also need support.

We harvest 4-5 ounces of primo buds from a 48-inch-tall plant. Above-average yield.

9 Feminized seeds per pack! 


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