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ChEmerald Kush F1 (Chem 4 x Cocoa Kush) 13 Regular Seeds

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Chem and Cocoa? Yes, please!

Second Generation Genetics’  ChEmerald Kush is an Indica dominant F1 hybrid cross of Chem. 4 (mother) and F5 Cocoa Kush (father).

Flowering Time: Approximately 75-85 days.

Production: The ChEmerald Kush produced medium well to heavy in testing. The females produce fluffy but compact and large colas covered in resin.

Several plants in testing produced very large colas and flowers all the way up the plant.

Flowers stink of Sour Diesel and Chemdog with notes of vanilla and candy and Chem.

13 Regular Photoperiod Seeds per pack!


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