Second Generation Genetics

Jd Short has been breeding cannabis since 2006. As the son of a world-renowned cannabis breeder, it’s fair to say that this apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. Jd’s breeding palate has developed over a lifetime, five decades and counting, of being around and experiencing fine herb.


In the early 2000’s Jd completed a breeding internship with Breeder Steve in Switzerland and just a few years later his first cross and collaboration with Dj Short called “Whitaker Blues” was released. Since then, he’s created and released over 35 f1 hybrids and around a half dozen or so P1 inbred strains using Dj Short Genetics.


Jd is known for the stable f1 hybrids he makes by pairing his father’s work to elite clone only strains. He prides himself on combining some of the most complex and true-breeding homozygous P1 genetics on the market to verified elite clone onlys. .. .“clone only in seed form,” “keepers in every pack,” and “the nose always knows.”

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