Bear Creek Kush f2 (Blueberry Haze x Mountain Valley Kush) 10 Regular Seeds

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Bear Creek Kush has been a personal favorite for myself and friends for over three years now. I was gifted the original seeds by a very talented grower I met on Roll it up, Whodatnation. We were moving west and met up with him in Humbolt, CA while we camped at Humbolt Redwoods State Park. I found my cut from the first three seeds ever popped of that cross and what a gem I found. It took three years and three seed pops to find a male I felt this beauty deserved. With a pungent aroma of limes, blueberries, and funk. It had a terpene level to die for, and frost you have to see to believe. To top it all the mother cut used finishes in 56 days of 12/12.

Flower 45-60 Days

Yield In: low to medium

Yield Out:heavy

Smell: limes, blueberry, pineapple, musky, garbage

Ingredients: hemp seed

1 review for Bear Creek Kush f2 (Blueberry Haze x Mountain Valley Kush) 10 Regular Seeds

  1. Samuel Hall (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed growing this strain outdoors.

    I got 3 different phenos. #1 had hybrid bud structure, not a ton of terps (very faintly of peach), #2 has the same bud structure, but great terps smelling like jack herer with added citric notes, #3 had a very thin and very tall bud structure with the best terps of all ( similar to #2 pheno but more pungent and stronger citric notes almost like jack herer and grapefruit.

    All the plants were vigorous growers throughout. All phenos had good trichome production. The #1 had slightly more trichomes, but much less terpenes. The #2 and #3 had the same trichome production, with the #2 having more weight, and the #3 having stronger terps. Effects seem pretty balanced. This has been my daily smoke and the flavor was as amazing as advertised.

    This may be difficult to grow indoors due to the strain’s propensity to stretch. You will probably have to top multiple times.

    I saved a cut of my favorite pheno to grow again this year and would highly recommend her if more seeds come available

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