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Saint Expeditus F1 Auto 3 Feminized Autoflower Seeds


Night Owl Seeds’ Saint Expeditus Feminized Autoflowering Seeds

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Born in 2015, Zamaldelica Express (Zamaldelica Express F4S1) represents an epic pursuit by Night Owl Seeds: crafting the most remarkable sativa autoflower the world has ever seen. This journey began with the legendary Ace Seeds Zamaldelica photoperiod and Fantasmo Express (their autoflowering Ghost Train Haze), with the aim of translating landrace vigor and euphoric effects into an accessible auto format.

The Zamaldelica mother set the bar high, boasting incredible vigor, quick flowering, and a complex terpene profile that promised unparalleled sativa bliss. The F1 generation showcased a spectrum of Zamaldelica expressions, offering insights into potential flower structures and terpene profiles. Ultimately, a middle ground was chosen – not the tightest flowers, but still boasting bag appeal and a potent, sweet aroma. The chosen male provided contrasting traits: tighter flowers, velvety leaves, and a fuzzy stem hinting at fruity terpene delights.

The F2 generation truly blossomed. Recessive purple phenotypes emerged, paving the way for future lines, while green phenos impressed with even greater frostiness, colorful fades, and an intoxicating tropical bouquet. From raspberry and cantaloupe to cherry, mango, papaya, and pear, the terpene profile was a symphony of sweet, juicy flavors. This generation yielded the final selection for autoflowering development, based on terpene complexity, slightly tighter bud structure, overall size, and fast finishing time.

The F3 full auto generation brought the vision to life. Zamaldelica’s defining sativa qualities thrived in auto format. Plants topped four feet with transplants and surpassed two feet even in restrictive pots. Resin production mirrored the chosen mother, with trichomes erupting across the flowers, brimming with tropical-scented oils.

This is not just any sativa autoflower – it’s the truest landrace expression reimagined for modern growers. Night Owl Seeds meticulously addressed common landrace challenges, eliminating hermaphrodite tendencies through careful selection. Zamaldelica Express thrives on a full nutrient feed, defying the notion that landrace-based plants are delicate. Additionally, the flower structure strikes a balance between airy landrace heritage and modern hybrid aesthetics.

Night Owl Seeds is incredibly proud of Zamaldelica Express, a testament to the dedication and passion poured into this project. They invite you to join them in experiencing the joy this remarkable sativa autoflower brings!

Flowering Time: roughly 75-85 Days from sprout

Yield: 2-4 ounces/per plant

3 Feminized Autoflower Seeds per pack!


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