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Pineapple Mushroom Pupil F1 7 Feminized Seeds


Mass Medical Strains Pineapple Mushroom Pupil F1 7 Feminized Seeds

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Pineapple Mushroom Pupil F1


A new collaboration with Annunaki Genetics, our Pineapple Mushroom Pupil (Scentuous x Star Pupil) is another example of unbelievable terpenes!

A very very strong pineapple fruit juice with a solvent-like sharpness and a ridiculous distinct raw mushroom complexity, you simply won’t believe it!

The smell and taste on this is one to remember, and we can’t get enough of it’s deliciousness! Buds are very dense, colorful, and resinous with long shelf life.

Most phenotypes are pink or purple flowering, and even the more rare green ones are usually filled with pinks and purples when the buds are broken up!

Tested under LED, CMH, MH, we got amazing results with every lighting type! Should be a great choice for outdoor growers, too. 7-9 weeks flowering, pheno dependent.

7 Feminized Seeds plus freebies! 


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