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Persian Girl F1 (Compost Mamma x Ancient OG F2 PSM) 10 Regular Seeds


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Copa Genetics “Persian Girl” is an F1 cross of Compost Mamma and Copa’s Ancient OG F2 Purple Stem Male (PSM).

Compost Mamma = (Swami) Blue Orca Haze x (Ethos) Inzane in the Membrane

The original Ancient OG is an Indica dominant hybrid (85% Indica/15% Sativa) strain created as a potent cross between the popular Iranian Landrace X Snow Lotus strains.

Outdoor: Expect most phenos to finish early to mid-September with only a few outliers on both sides.

Structure: Xmas tree or bush if topped

Stretch: 2-3x

Most of these strains will be limited and some will be extremely limited and never done again because one or both of the parents were lost.

Fully tested outdoors; for OUTDOOR growers only!

Photo/Grow Credit: @seeds.of.liberty

10 Regular Photoperiod Seed per pack!


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