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Pak Man (Praying Mantis x Swabi Pakistani) 7 Feminized Seeds


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Pak Man – Praying Mantis x Swabi Pakistani available Friday, December 4th, 4:20 pm Eastern!

Mass Medical Strains’ latest new-meets-old hybrid to create another totally unique plant! We combined our high-yielding, super-potent (31%), and fruity creation, the Praying Mantis, with the pure landrace Swabi Pakistani. This combination created a massive yielding, highly Sativa-influenced plant, which is very reminiscent of both parents in a few ways. The noteworthy fermented fruity flavor gets a deep spice twist, taking it down to a heavier more gasoline-influenced unique fruity and yogurty spice profile. These plants have a powerful, long-lasting high with strong relaxation and focus at the same time. It’s a clear and soaring high full of happiness and anti-anxiety feelings. Plants grow fast and do well with topping, very rewarding yields, and excellent hash potential too. As with all Swabi hybrids, you can expect the rare cannabinoids, and numerous other exotic cannabinoids, phenotype dependent. Lots of fun winners to be found, we recommend keeping clones!

Flavor: Deep fermented fruit, spice, cream, gas, earth, minty fuel.

Effect: Relaxing, anti-anxiety, mentally alert, and focused. Clear and happy!

Flower Time: 9-11 weeks, pheno dependent.

Yield: High

Height: Medium-Tall. Does well with topping.

Smoke Report:

The terps are insane on this Pak Man! So many layers I can’t even describe. Sour onion fermented yogurt sweetness with a prominent layer of fruit and some higher-pitched zingy minty layers when you break it up. Super complex, where you get more layers each time you smell in a row. A sure winner. She looks a lot like the Praying Mantis mother but is much more rank and wild. The high is really different too, super relaxing and clear, a gentle positive vibe that feels amazing. Focused, comfortable, and stress relieving!

Strong bushy plants with huge flowers and lots of frost! The flavor is amazing, I can’t stress it enough 🙂 It is unique and different than anything else I’ve seen yet again, and it’s really captivating and delicious.

7 Feminized Seeds per pack!



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