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Mother of Berries BX1 20 Regular Seeds


Dirty Worm Farms’ Mother of Berries BX1 (Mother of Berries x (MOB x Blueberry F9) 20 Regular Photoperiod Seeds per pack!

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Dirty Worm Farms’ Mother of Berries BX1 (Mother of Berries x (MOB x Blueberry F9)

This backcross is the first step in a project Dirty Worm Farms wanted to work on for the better part of a decade. With the long-term goal of recreating Mother of Berries reliably indeed form. Dirty Worm Farms already anticipates this will take the better part of 3-5 years. He has to hunt more of these to see if he can find exactly what he’s looking for to move forward.

Two main phenotypes show up in this backcross:

The first is a taller more open, Christmas tree structure and a shorter very very fat leaved, stocky indica dominant phenotype. The “indica” dominant pheno is more along the lines of what Dirty Worm was looking for. Spot on MOB in quite a few aspects. Ironically, this pheno takes longer to flower than the other, about 9-11 weeks. This pheno will thrive whether topped or not.

The second is a more “sativa” leaning phenotype and has a very open structure with fast branch growth, but branches aren’t really robust. Expect a flowering time of 8-9 weeks. This plant has a blurry dream nose to them. That hazy Blueberry but not quite Blueberry smell. This pheno prefers not to be topped with minimal training. It doesn’t need much in the way of manipulation.

Both are easy to grow and get hungry around week 2 of flower.

20 Regular Photoperiod Seeds per pack!


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