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King Pupil F1 7 Feminized Seeds


Mass Medical Strains King Pupil F1 7 Feminized Photoperiod Seeds

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King Pupil is a collaborative effort between Mass Medical Strains and Well Grown Seeds, resulting in a unique and exciting hybrid. This project involved two versions of the same cross, each created by reversing the parental plants (Star Pupil and Colombian D x I95 D F2).

Combining Powerhouses:

  • Colombian D x I95 D F2: This parent boasts a complex aroma profile reminiscent of haze and chem.
  • Star Pupil: This influential parent contributes vibrant pink and purple hues to the flowers, along with increased frost production, bud density, and a distinctive aroma profile.

A Feast for the Senses:

  • Aroma: King Pupil offers a layered terpene profile, combining elements of haze, gas, chem, and the unique “pupil” aroma.
  • Appearance: Expect dense, frosty colas with a vibrant green base and occasional pink phenotypes. These plants produce impressive yields.
  • Flowering Time: 7-9.5 weeks, with some variations in flowering speed.

Growth Characteristics:

  • Stretch: 2x-2.5x increase in height during flowering.
  • King Pupil: offers a unique opportunity for pheno hunters.

7 Feminized Photoperiod Seeds per pack!


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